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Launch your business into the stratosphere!
We have specially selected only the best tools for you.

These are simply the best tools available to improve your business. Whether you want to hone your marketing skills, master web promotion, or simply be more successful, we have what you need! Our staff of "results only" marketers and web developers has selected this collection of products from literally thousands available. Our one flaw is that we don't offer a great big product line. And frankly, we just didn't find a lot of products that met our standards. Bottom line: these are the products that work.


Press Release Broadcast Service
A well worded and properly distributed press release can generate millions of dollars in FREE publicity. Submit your press release to a custom list culled from our vast archive of thousands of media outlets across the nation.  Your choice of fax or email broadcasting.  Each submission is personalized for the recipient.  Follow-up support on request.

Project Phineas by Joe Vitale
Audio tapes and workbook ~ 6 tapes

At last! Finally, Joe Vitale has put together an intensive home study program, complete with an original workbook, to teach anyone his ten power principles for marketing and sales.

Master Writer 397.0 by Joe Vitale
Report ~ over 200 pages
New breakthrough "Killer Letters" and "Power Ads" package teaches you the shocking truth about advertising and marketing -- revealed in lost manuscripts from the 1920's -- and why many "marketing wizards" are sucking your life dry by selling hope rather than help.


PhotoReading Personal Learning Course by Paul Scheele.
8 Cassettes and 3 books
Teaches You to Read over 25,000 Words Per Minute! Take a mental snap-shot of any book. This is not some bogus speed reading program. It takes a bit of effort, but this program really works! University tested. Satisfaction guaranteed.


<small>Accept payment for your products and services via instant checks-- that you can verify and deposit immediately! Use Telephone, FAX, or even Internet E-mail and FormsIncrease your sales dramatically by offering this ultra-convenient payment method.

Web Promotion

Global PromoBot
Let's face it.  The "if you build it they will come" theory doesn't work on the web! You have to promote.  Automatic submission to 450+ search engines, directories, free-for-all links and more.  "Deep promotion", "Batch Submission", and more!

Web Position Log Analyzer
"The search is over for a tool that increases Web site Traffic..."
-- Computer Technology Review, August 1997

This incredible tool tracks your position in the major search engines and then teaches you how to systematically improve your ranking.  Awesome!

Earthonline Targeted Direct Email Marketing Tools
Do you want to take advantage of the most cost-effective way to get your marketing message to the masses? Then
download these free demos now before your competition does!

Joe Vitale's Confidential Online Marketing Strategy! by Joe Vitale
Report ~ 5 Pages
Find out how to REALLY market your business online! It contains everything to market and promote your web site online, from all the little known tricks for getting your site listed first, promoting your site to the right people, how to send out e-news releases and where to send them, and much, much more. Only $149.00 - and worth millions! Get it! Get it!



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